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PostSubject: MARCH 5TH DFWAP   Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:23 pm


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PostSubject: Pegasus Bridge - AAR   Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:29 pm

We played as AXIS this game.

Score = 1150 (AXIS) to 250 (Allies) - I believe their points came from secondary mission. They didnt win any mission objectives

Ghostwalker: GiGGles, Preacher, Mustang, Wolf Scat and Wildcat (AXIS)

BOHICA: Shinding, Scarecrow, Hollywood, Rat, Walleye, Danny and Red (AXIS)

Aztec (AXIS)

3rd Reich (AXIS)

Redrum (AXIS)

Hellions and there Tank(AXIS)

Delta SF , ODA 214,etc (ALLIED)

Roughnecks and there Tank (AllIED)

Sorry if it’s a bit wordy, but a lot of action happen this weekend. We were involved in every attack or defend mission. I am sure I left off some kill or action, but just try to recap.

Day 1:

Mission 1: Pegasus Bridge

We moved out as a squad from camp BOHICA. We came into the game at the Axis reinsert (Hospital). Standing around there was about 15 Axis players. They didn’t know where to go. We took off towards the bridge. BOHICA’s took the ridge line and Red Rum the left (Shindig, Scarecrow, Rat, Walleye, Red, Hollywood and Danny) along with Ghostwalkers (Mustang and Preacher) When we first got to the action, Mustang step out on the road to open fire…blob blob his paintballs slowly rolled out of his barrel. He backed into the woods, “my gun is out, I am heading back” Hollywood stopped him. “we turned off your air” hee hee. OK jokes over time to go to work. We spread out along the ridge line. Scarecrow and Hollywood dropped down the ridge. POW…Scarecrow tags the “First Kill” of the day for our squad. Little did we know: He opened a can a whoop azz for the team. Time to go to work. I start busting paintball in my barrel right from the start. When I bugged out to head back to camp, Shindig was laying down some paint on some guys trying advance to the comm center. We pushed the ridge line and push the Allies back. I don’t have the exact kill count, but I know several kills were racked up. I headed back to the base to reload and adjust my gun. Got back to the base and meet up with Scarecrow. Shindig, Danny and Red stayed and help win and defend the Bridge.

Mission 2: Horosa Bridge

We rallied at the Red base. Scarecrow, Rat, Hollywood, Walleye, Danny, Red and Preacher. I believe Shindig was still causing problem across the pond until he ran out of paint and headed to camp to reload. We moved out toward Horsa and the bunker/gun position across the pond from the comm station. (A great fire fight was going on across the pond) BOHICA’s started our advance along the towers come up on the back side of the Allies command center and hospital. The Allies shifted a group of about 10 to 15 across the small bridge to take up a defensive position. We advanced across by the tower and down glider. We hit contact right as we cleared the last set of bunkers. I saw Giggles came up the right flank and off he went along the fence line. Scarecrow, Hollywood, Danny moved to the left flank, and Walleye, Red and Rat advance up the middle and left. We ran up on two targets in the bunker. One inside and one to the right. Not sure who got the actually kills, because a huge firefight broke out on both side. I think Walleye bagged one and the other took off running from the bunker. Our boys to the left hit them hard. We tossed a smoke in for cover. We reset and fanned out. Once the smoke hit: the advance (or slaughter began). We cleared the area. The Allies started to push more into the area. The two attack points were along the road and bridge (you got bottleneck into the bridge. They had several guys dug in on a bunker at each end of the bridge. Red moved around to the right, I slide around to the left flank looking for a way to clear them out. Walleye and Preacher both got the laws ready. Scarecrow and Hollywood held the middle. We setup and launched a smoke towards the bridge. GO GO GO….From my spot on the left I took out the back target and then put heavy fire on the reinforcements as they tried to reinforce, I tag about three or four from long range. The rest of the boys clean and setup a line across the bridge. “Thank you” we’ll take this spot. At this point no BOHICA or Ghostwalker had been hit. A total of 15 allies taken out and push back across their bridge. We held the position for some time moving support back and forth across the line. I was still on the left and took a hit to my gun. Dropped and called in for a Medic. With the call for a medic, my BOHICA brothers (Thank You boys! It’s a family thang) rallied and did what we do. They put a blanket of paintballs on the advancing Allies. Medic crawled up behind me and I was back in. The roughnecks rallied on the other side of the bridge. Lobbing paintball at us. After they stacked up enough they rushed the bridge. I took a spot just to the right of the bridge, Scarecrow, Hollywood, Walleye, and Red held the middle. Here they come……ahhhhh big mistake. As they crossed the bridge we mowed them down. I took out two from my spot and the guys in the middle took out the rest. About 15 Allies, stopped stone cold. At that point, most of the fellers needed paint. As time went more and more Axis rolled in behind us. The Hellions tank which took a position on the road to the right. After small firefight broke out all along the road and bridge. Still no BOHICA’s hit (Oh, besides the gun shot), just running low on air and paint. We held off every advance. Walleye and Rat stayed back to help hold the position. Walleye and Rat moved up to AXIS tank. The tank couldn’t advance due to the fact a group had taken up a position at the end of the road. When Walleye and Rat walked up the tank pointed out each enemy position. They had a couple of Axis pinned down. The tank couldn’t move forward until someone took out the group with the bazooka. I radioed Walleye, who was standing on the other side of the tank. He heard the whole thing. Bazooka, will lets go get it – We knew what needed to be done. I took up a spot just to the right and Walleye to the left. Louis (Aztek) moved up with us and took the middle. Louis said “Rat its your call” OK kid (Axis pinned at the bunker) when we start firing come out from that bunker and hit them with suppressing fire. Ready 1 2 3, GO GO GO We hit them hard and fast. I don’t think they realize what happened. Walleye, Rat and Louis rushed and clear them out. 5 out and 2 more that tried to move up and help. Out of paint we headed back to rally with the BOHICA’s. Hellions tank crew ask if they needed to pay for the show. Walleye, Rat and Louis (Aztek) high five.

Mission 3: Glider Down

We had rallied at the base. We had already pushed the Allies back so far during our push to take the small bridge that the glider position was already defended by the Axis. I heard that the Allies made a big push after we headed back.

Mission 4: Cross Road

When we came up on Cross Road. Giggles, the Aztek’s and a small group had already taken the objective. Giggle was doing a killer job directing men into position to hold CR. Red, Shindig, Hollywood, Danny and Scarecrow took off along the right flank around Pegasus Bridge. Walleye and Rat stayed back with Giggles for a bit to help hold that position. Across the radio we got the call: BOHICA. Scarecrow had moved to the far left. Hollywood, Shindig and Red had taken the bridge again, to push the Allies back a bit further. Walleye and Rat moved up the middle to regroup with Scarecrow. When we got there, we got hit from our right. Walleye was pinned down and hit the ground, but still returning fire. “Scarecrow: “We need to pull Walleye out” We pushed hard to him with covering fire. I tagged one, Walleye got another and Crow tag one or two. “Walleye is safe”. Fire fights broke out all along the tree line. Shindig, Hollywood and Red had the bridge and our right flank. Shindig was dropping down some paint along the ridge line. We could hear: “I got this, followed by Allies calling themselves out. Scarecrow, Walleye, Rat and Danny pushed the tree line. We tossed a smoke for cover. We advance forward pushing a nest of roughnecks back, we reached the smoke. Walleye picked it up and tossed it to Crow. Who threw it up the line. As we started to push again, Crow got hit. The Allies started rushing our area. Walleye and Rat fell back to cover. We got into an exchange with a couple of allies pushing CR, We decide to make a two man rush to get up and support our boys holding the bridge. Walleye and Rat clear about 6 guys trying to advance on CR and bridge. Walleye even took a couple of shoots at the “cop” as he was running for help. Aztek and several Axis protected the right. Walleye and Rat move up to the left of the bridge. Where we got the chance to watch Shindig, Red and Hollywood causing a load of problems. Not sure what their kill count was but they were tagging a ton of guys. Walleye and Rat took up a nice ambush position to the left. We picked up some kid and told him to stay close. We got into a fire fight with about 5 Allies. The kid sat and watched as Walleye and Rat held our position. “Think again if you think you’re going to flank our boys. Walleye and Rat moved down a path back toward our guys at the bridge – when we heard the faint call “Tank, Tank, Tank – our whole right side started to fall back…..me and walleye got a laugh. The Axis scattered, Shindig reloaded the TM15 and unleashed a paint canvas on the front windshield. Hollywood and Red nailed the sides. They covered the tank with so much paint, it pulled off the field. Once it pulled out of the battle zone Allies stack behind the tank took for the woods and right towards Walleye and Rat, we setup a nice little ambush. About 6 roughnecks came over the hill – We opened fire. One ran across to a bunker (we covered her), when she got there she called for help, but we had already cut her off and taken out about 5 Allies trailing her. She was already hit so we didn’t worry about her. Ref came up to check her – she was out. Oh BTW the kid was still with us. At this point most of the Axis had fallen back to CR and Mustang Village. Walleye, Rat and the kid where left there. I looked at Walleye “Well I guess we’re in a pickle - We can take a position and hold them back, or we can…then Walleye goes “Hey a hole” now keep in mind when he says hole – he meant lets go this way. Hmmmm your right it was a hole or pinhole. The kid was still with us and he never fired a shot.

Mission 5: Communication Center

We started out coming along the ridge line. Scarecrow was leading the way. When we arrived, Hey we found Giggles and a group starting to clear the ridge line. The Allies were stacked deep in the Comm center. Scarecrow, Shindig and Red had dropped to the inside of the ridge. Walleye took up a position to support us on the right. Hollywood picked up a piece of sheet metal and used it as a shield. I tucked in behind him and laid down the paint. Hollywood marched forward. “Hell Yeah” about that time Giggle tagged a guy behind the dish. Hollywood and Rat moved as far as we could with the shield. We had Giggle and a couple of other guy up on top of the ridge, Hollywood and I looked for an opening and drop into cover (dead center of the Comm Center). We stayed there for a bit. We decide to make a push to the left flank. Walleye and Joe laid down some fire from the center and right of the Comm Center, Rat and Walleye move to the far right flank. When we flanked all AXIS had started to take the right side ridge of the Comm Center. We were on the one trail that lead back and forth towards the Allies Cbase. We got there and told a group of speedballers to hold back the trail to stop reinforcements. Hollywood, Walleye (I think he had moved back over towards us) and Rat hit the ridge line with a 3rd Reich and the guy that switch teams on Sunday (Good player, not sure his name). When we got into position, the 3rd Reich and AXIS player were at the top of the ridge over looking the door of the Comm Center. When we got there the two holding position, ask if we were ready “Always” - “Hollywood yelled GO GO GO…so away we go. The first guy took a hit as he came down the hill, then Rat, Hollywood and a[ATB1] [ATB2] 3rd Reich hit the Comm Center door. Heavy fire fight….surrender…..all but one did. The 3rd Reich move to cover the back of the center. Just as we got to the door, the last guy that didn’t surrender got lite up by the 3rd Reich, Two BOHICA’s and a Aztek enter the Comm Center first. 3rd Reich took out the one guy that didn’t surrender. They had about 8 – 10 guys stacked up in the base

Mission 6: Village

Austin called the game and had a restart. Red (AXIS) started on one end of the village and Blue (Allies) the other. BOHICA’s (Walleye, Red, Hollywood, and Rat) took the right flank of the village. Our target the fuel depot. The battle started and the bulk of the AXIS took off up the middle to the village and left. As we advance we got into a couple of firefights, I pushed to the right with Hollywood and Walleye right with me. We tagged one guy on the outside. I called out door, door door and move toward the right Hollywood, Red and I open up on the guy in the door. Covered him, his out. We rushed the fuel depot and meet up with another Axis that came in from the left of us. Rat and Hollywood took up position inside and walleye covered the right cover. If I remember right Walleye tagged a couple that side. I fired on several Allies trying to take up a position at a small bunker next to the last build. Hollywood took out the two guys on the top and stairs of the last build. I tagged about 5 trying to get to the bunker. They started pushing our position hard, see that we could see the HQ entry point. They just kept coming. We were set, We had Rat, Walleye, Hollywood and Red (our Medic at the time) Not sure on Walleyes kills, we had this side on lock down. I guy creped up on our right flank….they got Walleye. Hollywood and I took a position in the door – as he cheered about his kill – Hollywood and I cover him in paint. Mess with one BOHICA you mess with all. After a while - the game was called. The Allies couldn’t get to the first build in Mustang. That’s a lock down…….BOHICA’s owned the right flank and fuel depot!! So those on the left of the village – Your welcome and that’s why you had no action!!

What a first day!!!!

Day 2:

Mission 1: Communication Center

We came in along the ridge line, then worked our way along the Allies right flank and towards CC. Got in some small fire fights along the way. We flanked hard around the back side of CC. We fanned out and worked our way to around to cut off the Allies trying to flank. It was Scarecrow, Preacher, Rat, Hollywood, Shindig, Danny and Red. As we worked our way around we got deep behind the Allies. In doing so, we found ourselves deep in the bush, we needed to slide left. We picked a direction and Scarecrow – yelled out “Shindig we need a hole” “I got this” and we all fell in behind Shindig. Like a bull on the move Shindig plowed us a hole. It put us right out where we needed to be. We spread out again and worked our way towards the Comm center. Hollywood, Scarecrow and Red, ran into three Roughnecks hunkered down behind cover. They got into a great firefight, while all the time Shindig, Hollywood and Rat flanked the left. Shindig and I moved in from the right, Hollywood held his position to watch our flank – Shin and Rat opened up and tagged them all. Bunker cleared. It was a good fire fight – both teams shook hands after that one – they had a strong position. We dropped back to regroup and as we did – Hollywood got into a firefight, he tagged a few then got hit. Scarecrow and Danny moved to the left and ran into a firefight. Scarecrow tagged a guy. The ref came in to paint check and a group behind them opened up on Scarecrow and Danny. Danny got hit, the rest of us shifted that direction. I believe another 5 Allies got tagged out. Scarecrow was out front and got hit, but not before he got a couple. We advance toward the Comm Center, when we rolled up – it had been taken. We fell back toward CR. Red stayed at the Comm Center to help hold that position. Shindig, Hollywood and Rat moved back to Cross roads, hoping to rally with Scarecrow. I took off down the tape line. I hooked up with Randy (Hellions) and we worked our why around the back side of the Allies hospital. I was on point and Randy was right behind me. As we moved forward we ran into a couple of Allies finding in the trees. We took both out. About that time Hollywood, Shindig, Preacher and a couple of Hellions rolled up. Then Scarecrow got back in. We all took off toward the Allies Hospital. As we started along that side we run into a large group spread out around there reinsert point. We got into some heavy fire fights, Hollywood ran out of paint and headed out. Shindig, Scarecrow, Rat and Preacher took up a position to engage. Preacher was on point and we fell in line behind him. They hit us from the left. Heavy fire back and forth. Preacher was hold the front as we all fanned out. We start to stack up and make a push. Just as a took a step to take the left, I spotted a target – “LEFT – LEFT – LEFT” I flurry of paint came in from our left. Crow got hit and Shindig had the ref “paint check” Shindig and Rat were left. An awesome fire fight broke out in all direction – Preacher was still holding the center, so Shin and I start to drop back off the tree line to move left. As we broke the tree line another fire fight broke out. They had stack up hard on our left. Shindig and I held our ground, but only had a few tree for cover. We flung paint back and forth with the blue player – no one got hit on either side. Out number and running low on paint we fell back to the Comm Center, we wanted to make sure that the AXIS at the Comm Center knew to watch the left. We rallied up with a group of Axis to let them know that guys were move in from the left flank, about that time another fire fight broke out. I got hit in the side, I headed back. I passed Red (Joe) up on the ridge line. I rallied with Scarecrow and Hollywood. Sometime later, Shindig rolled back in and came out with Danny. Red (Joe) was still at the Comm Center. He laid down some paint, I didn’t get his exact kill number, but he said he got some kills.

Mission 2: Pegasus Bridge

We were hanging at the camp BOHICA (Doing our thing). Reloading in air and paint. We took off to re-enter the game. It was Hollywood, Red, Danny, Shindig and Rat. As we re-entered we passed MudRat (our General), We ask how much time we had, he said we have 15 minute to take the bridge. “We need 10” and off we went. We moved along the ridge – then it happened – “Boat” Shindig and Danny climbed into the canoe and started the sea attack. It was the craziest funny scene to be a part of. Shin and Danny laid down some heavy fire and Hollywood, Red and Rat moved along the shore. We moved along the ridge, as we got the to right of the bridge. The Allies had guys all tucked in under the bunker along the bridge. We worked our way along the ridge and I believe this is picked up WildCat. Group of Axis were hitting them straight on. Our boat crew cleared and watch our right. Red move forward into a bunker ahead of me and Hollywood. In that position Red took out two guys that were hunkered down and holding us back on the bridge. Once Red (Joe) took those two out, he got hit from the right. Hollywood and I opened up on the guys that fired at Red. Red just ducked down. Hollywood and I took out another 4 Allies and held back their push from our spot on the ridge. In the mean time……Splash splash Shindig and Danny decided to take a bath, only 5 feet from shore….freaking awesome. Oh we cleaned the bridge in 10 minutes and held them back for 5.

We drop back to camp to regroup and load up on paint. Shindig and Danny meet up with Scarecrow at the base. Danny was done, cant play paintball with a water gun. Shindig drop off gear and grabbed a new gun – his ready to go.

Mission 3: Ranville Village

Rally – Air and Paint – We took off (Hollywood, Shindig, Red, Preacher and Rat) When we re-entered the game. Mudrat needed support on the left flank. When we got over there a Axis player had gotten himself into a pickle. The Allies couldn’t move forward because they didn’t know he was the only one there. As we came up the Allies had taken a nice position just past the top of the ridge. Hollywood moved over to the right and started fling paintballs at them. At this point we were still unsure how may bad guys were on the other side. Most of the fighting was going on along this ridge by the village. A few firefights broke out to our right. We all laid down some paint, so Wildcat could start her crawl along the right of the ridge – she made it along way – she popped up from time to time fling paint at targets she ran into. Preacher moved up and over the left of the ridge to “save” the Axis player pinned behind the bunker (he was trying to fire). Red and Rat moved to the left to watch that side and cover Preacher, Hollywood (who took a nice position back and to the right of Shindig – one shot high and one shot low. Shindig and Hollywood got into a firefight on that side. Preacher had pushed forward and I believe I heard him yell “You better run”, Red and I took shots at allied players that kept trying to advance up the road from the Pegasus bridge. We toyed with them for awhile- I would shot then Red – they never tried to advance. Preacher, Shin, unknown shooter, WildCat and Hollywood pushed/cleared the ridge line. After awhile “MudRat” called for everyone to drop back to the village and let them advance. Hollywood was out of paint, so he headed out. Rat and Red pulled back towards Hollywood’s old position. A firefight broke out – it came from Shindigs last position, so we took off to support. We came around the tree line to find Preacher and Shindig holding back a group of Allies trying to advance. The four of us opened up and a firefight opened up. Not sure who got the kills, but the group that came over got lit up. Mudrat was still asking for everyone to drop back. Shindig was out of paint so headed for camp. Preacher moved back to the center of the village. So did Red and Rat, when we got there Red was out of paint. I gave him a pod and said let go cause some problems. I too was about out of paint. Red and I head back to the ridge just behind where we had gotten into the firefight. During our fall back the Allies were able to sneak a sniper around the back of our command center, as Red and I came over the ridge he opened up on us. We both returned fire, Red got hit and I chased the guy back down the trail. I darted off to the right and back around to his left. As Red headed back to spawn, I start my hunt. I took cover behind a bunker until Red came back in. Once there I told him where the guy was. We opened up on him, and when we did he bugged out, so I moved to our right and where he was. I saw him move back down the ridge. Rad and I moved in. He was just over the ridge – I took point and start over the ridge when I spotted him. He had taken up by a tree just over the ridge. I slide back down to where Red was – Red and I both took off over the ridge, a firefight broke out, Red and I both tagged him. Red got hit, so he ran back to re-spawn. When he got back away went, we ran into two Blue players hiding behind a bunker. Red was out of paint, so I took aim – POW, both out. We moved forward and run into a couple blue players trying to come down the road. We both ran out of paint, so we walked back towards the camp. On the other side of the village, we re-hooked up with Shindig.

That’s a rap – Great weekend – A ton of Kills and a few death’s on our side.
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