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 RAT's AAR from the MOD Warfare game.

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PostSubject: RAT's AAR from the MOD Warfare game.   Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:21 am

Just received this email from RAT:
Just wanted to chime in an get a bit of info out. BOHICA brought it HARD at the Call for Duty game this weekend. We were at the front lines of attack all weekend long and causing fire fights all over the field. We for sure held our own. We had in attendance ..Rat, Red and MadmonKy. We decided to team up with the ODA 214's who to had 3. Thanks ODA's for shooting with us. We didn't run but a couple of missions, but we did the usual - caused the other team headaches. Took over there HQ, assisted in blowing up the Grove (btw we had cleared it from our HQ to their HQ, so the bomb took a sunday walk right into the Grove) and took out the Russian tank (Red and Monky are now our tank busters - Great job you two). I got to sneak around with Greg Hastings and we ambushed a squad of Russians (we came out on top). Every battle this weekend was a success for the BOHICA and ODA's. I'll go ahead and brag, we went atleast 5 to 1 or more all weekend
One of the best battles was a flanking move by the three BOHICA's on the Russian HQ. The ref's called a stoppage to play when a squad that was getting helicoptered was called out. We had decided to flank for them and give them support. The ref called them all out and sent them all back to our deadbox. I guess they started firing to soon or some other BS. This left the three BOHICA's alone on the right flank, with the Russian's getting a full respawn with a tank I might add. What did we decide....move back and wait for help or BOHICA UP and attack. Two ref saw us and realized that we had no intentions on falling back, so they gave us thumbs up and moved. So we fanned out and took position for the attack. Red was point, I took the right and Monky took left (V-Shape attack formation) - like a well oiled killing machine we opened up on them. An entire battalion move on our positions to defend their HQ, about 20 - 25 guys opened up on us. It caused a mad rush on their side and then they sent more and more reienforcements (so the number grew). X7's and Hammerheads were a blazin' After about 10 or 15 minutes of heavy fighting they finial out manned us and circled us - did we stop fighting - F**K NO - I can't say for sure how many we took out, but it was a lot. All I heard was a lot of "am out" and several of them had to be whipping (but who cares, that happens) Four ref's had to come over and watch the battle because it was so intense. couple of paint checks and the fight went on. Once they got us, they still sent guys over there to check for more guys - they thought it was more then just the three of us - one of the ref stated to me that was one of the craziest fire fights he had seen - IT WAS GREAT, I still get chills thinking about it. What better way to go out then fighting out numbered and with my BOHICA brothers at my side!! F**K YEAH!!!!! It was funny to walk off and still watch them run around looking for more of us. If we would have had an entire BOHICA squad (or atleast a couple more guns) - That HQ would have been ours!!!
That was just one of the fire fights we got into - alot of camp fire talk - reliving it. Red and MadmonKy it was a blast playing with you guys and ODA's thanks for running with us.
Peace out.....................................Rat

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RAT's AAR from the MOD Warfare game.
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