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 DFWPro Company of Heros AAR

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PostSubject: DFWPro Company of Heros AAR   Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:51 pm

Arrived at 7:45am

I was contacted before the scenario and agreed to spy on the Coalition forces

I was contacted secretly by Stephen as we were preparing to start the day off. I was given a list of 4 objectives to complete during the course of the day to earn points for the Afghan's . During the pre game briefing, everyone was told that there was a spy in their ranks. Early in the day especially,it seemed like everyone was looking very closely at who was doing what.

First mission, 09:00

Our first mission was to establish a front in a treeline. It was actually not a very intense firefight to push the enemy forces back. My spy mission for this portion of the event was to shoot out two of my own guys. I moved down to the end of the field and convinced a group of younger players we should move up. In the small firefight that ensued, i managed to tag out two of my own guys without raising suspision.

Second Mission, 10:00

We were sent to attack the embassy in the middle of the hay bale field. My spy mission was to drop an envelope labeled "Top Secret" in the white bunker between our re spawn and the embassy. My strategy was to attack hard and get shot out as quickly as possible to maximize the amount of times i could walk past the bunker without raising suspicion. After 3 tries i finally found myself alone and in front of the bunker...i ran in,planted the envelope, and went back out to help my team capture the embassy.

Third Mission, 11:00

My teams objective at this point was to escort an armored transport vehicle (a pickup truck with an automatic marker mounted in the bed). I helped escort the truck up to the east end of the field. Got in an intense firefight and made my way out and around, back the way the convoy had come originally. I then proceeded to the far south west end of the field and planted a picture as per my orders in a large crate in the middle of the woods. The crate had Styrofoam edges, so i wedged the picture tightly in the cracks , making it almost impossible to tell it was there. I did this to keep the enemy spy guessing, since i assumed it would be his mission to retrieve the picture at some point. I also dropped a small green pod in the box that i had found on the field earlier that someone had dropped. A bit shady i know, but it payed off for my last misson.

Lunch Break

During the lunch break we found out the score was 300-600, coalition ahead...

We then found out that the American spy had earned us an extra 100points...

and then we found out that the spys within our ranks (myself and a guy named Carlos, i would later find out) had earned the Afghan's an extra 300 points, making the score 600-700... All hell broke lose, everyone was incredibly pissed off and I had all I could do to maintain my cover, since i believe some people had noticed my failure to return to the convoy when i dropped the picture...

During the lunch break, the Americans falsely accused someone of being a spy, losing them 50 points.

After lunch , we had a series of games that involved all 3 fields, lots of great fights- more than I can remember. During this time i did make a run all the way across the field to retrieve a medic pack , and back again so we could move a wounded pilot. This further entrenched me in peoples mind as a "good guy" i think.

Last spy objective, 14:15

My objective read simply "Return to the drop box and retrieve the picture you planted earlier"

My first attempt to get to the sector where the box was located, i spotted an enemy patrol. I gathered 3 guys and tried to come around on them on a trail. I took point and as we moved in,i recognized an ambush and we fell back just in time to avoid being surrounded. We moved to the trails head and concealed ourselves. We had planned on waiting for them to move clearly into the opening, but one of the guys i was with got excited and opened fire on them too quickly. The rest of us joined in and eliminated a few, but we were still badly outnumbered. Fortunately, they were mostly kids and we actually eliminated all of them without taking any casualties. I still had plenty of time to complete my objective, so i returned with that bunch and restocked at base.

During this phase of the game, the Afghan's controlled a literal airplane that was circling the field. Thru radio communication, the Afghans were able to direct the gunner/bomber in the plane to take out concentrations of Coalition fighters in the open field behind cover. This was one of the coolest parts of the day. The plane would circle every couple of minutes and drop grenades and fire paintballs down on the field.

I used the planes cover to sneak up on the clearing in the southwest corner of the field. I had a gut feeling that the enemy spy had orders to hunt me in the sector i was headed to. I approached the clearing and waited a minute for the plane to pass low overhead. As it came in, I made my way around the edge of the clearing. I immediately spotted and eliminated the enemy spy before he had the chance to react. I then retrieved my picture, AND retrieved a bonus picture that the enemy spy had been instructed to drop in the box- it was conveniently placed in the pod i had planted earlier. Without the pod i would not have known about the enemy picture. I then ran back across the field to rejoin the fight and stay above suspicion.

When the day was over, the Afghans got their asses kicked, but myself and Carlos earned enough points for them to win the game by a few 100 points...

Too many kills to count,35-45 shot dead, 10 surrendered in the embassy structure and the hay bales. I was eliminated about 7 times. Incredible scenario in spite of the severe wind and cold. It was an awesome day and I earned a free days play and case of paint for completing all of my objectives.

Sorry for the long post, hope it's a decent read. Just wanted to let you guys know I was keeping the fear of BOHICA alive at DFW Pro

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DFWPro Company of Heros AAR
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